Special Events

Why participate in a sauna ritual?

On 18 & 19 April the Sauna Oasis (18+) will be open from 8:00-22:00. Access to the Sauna Oasis will be via Kalev Spa Hotel’s reception area (Kanuti 2).

The private changing room for the Sauna Oasis will be accessible from the 2nd floor of the hotel. Sauna Oasis guests will have no access to the water park area. The price of admission on 18 & 19 April will be €20.


The sauna ritual is an excellent way to release stress and tension and help your body to relax.

The heat of a sauna helps to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins from your body and alleviate muscle tension and joint pain.

It offers you a wonderful experience in a pleasant atmosphere and is a great place to spend a lovely time with your friends and family.