Opening hours

Autumn, Winter & Spring (September-May)

6:45-22:30 Monday-Friday | 8:00-22:30 Saturday & Sunday | Admission until 21:00 Monday-Sunday

Summer (June-August)

6:45-21:30 Monday-Friday | 8:00-21:30 Saturday & Sunday | Admission until 20:00 Monday-Sunday

Kalev Spa’s well-equipped new sports club has two group training studios and a bright, spacious gym from whose windows you can enjoy views of the Water Park and the stunning Old Town while you work out.

Our professional trainers will provide guidance and support in finding the right exercises for you, amateurs and athletes alike. Come along and try the range of training styles on offer, whether in the water or the sports club studios.

Kalev Spa Sports Club comprises:

  • a pool for water aerobics and swimming lessons with an adjustable depth (0.8-1.10 metres for swimming lessons and 1.1-1.4 metres for water aerobics), an area of 4 x 12 metres and a water temperature of 31°C. Morning (package) water aerobics is included in the price for hotel guests!
  • a large aerobics studio (103 m2) and a smaller Body & Mind studio (64.3 m2) for group training. Hotel guests must pay separately for group training sessions.
  • a spacious gym (281 m2)

Find out more about our trainers and the group training sessions available. We also offer the services of a personal trainer.


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