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Adult swimming courses

Registration is open for swimming courses, starting on 27.03.

Courses take place 10 times

Trainer Ellen Massalski courses:

Beginners - Monday and Wednesday 18.00-19.00

Advanced beginners - Monday and Wednesday 19.00-20.00

Trainer Cevin Anders Siim courses:

Advanced beginners - Tuesday and Thursday 20.00-21.00

Advanced swimming - Monday and Wednesday 20.00-21.00

Trainer Filipp Provorkov courses:

Beginners - Sunday 19.00-20.00


Price €169

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It is never too late to learn!

Additional information and registration to courses:

Beginner Swimming Lessons for Adults

During these lessons you will learn basic skills like adapting to the water (putting your face in the water, blowing bubbles etc,), diving, floating (on your back, on your front and while switching positions) and gliding (on your front and back). Once you have acquired these skills, you will also learn how to move in the water.

Beginner lessons are suitable for people who have no swimming experience as well as those who have basic skills but still feel unsure of themselves in the water. The exercises are done primarily in the shallow end of a 50-metre pool. Each group has up to 12 people, with the trainer instructing each participant individually.

Advanced Beginner Swimming Lessons for Adults

These lessons require basic swimming skills. During the lessons you will continue to develop your footwork, learn how to breathe while swimming and how to do the front and back crawl. The goal is to learn more of the technique and to get a better sense of the water through a variety of exercises. You will also get to swim longer distances in the 50-metre pool.

Advanced Swimming Lessons for Adults

Advanced lessons require participants to be able to swim 100 metres doing the front and back crawl without stopping. You will also learn how to swim frog- and butterfly-style on your front.


Additional information and registration to courses:
Trainers: Ellen Massalski (beginners and advanced beginners) / Cevin Anders Siim (advanced)