Fitness center

Fitness center

Dear sports lovers!

Kalev Spa is best known for its 50-metre pool – but right above the pool, on the 2nd floor, is a stylish and spacious sports club with a gym and a Body&Mind studio.

Our sports club was designed for those who value privacy, a personalised approach and fun workouts. We have everything you need to take time out and exercise smartly and safely in small groups.

The first time you come in for a workout, it’s worth consulting one of our personal trainers, who will help you set goals and choose the training styles best suited to achieving them.

Kalev Spa’s gym has equipment for individual training and also offers group sessions under the watchful eye of an instructor. These sessions provide a good overview of the options the gym offers.

Water babies will love the wide range of aqua-fitness sessions offered in both our 50-metre and water aerobics pools. For example, do you know what an AquaBox or Suppama session involves? You should try them out – they’re sure to recharge your batteries and leave you feeling great!

More and more people of late have taken to practising yoga. With the pace of life being what it is and things changing all the time, we all need something that gives us the chance to step back for a moment, take a deep breath and focus on ourselves. Our Body&Mind studio is the place to do just that – you can try out a range of yoga styles and join other relaxing training sessions that will give you both a physical and a mental boost.

If you’d like to go for a swim or pamper yourself a little after your workout, our water park and Sauna Oasis await you.

So if you want to make exercise fun again, we have everything you need!

Heti-Helen Rohtla
Head trainer


September to April

Autumn - spring season

Mon-Fri 06.45-21.00
Sat and Sun 09.00-21.00

(entrance Mon-Sun until 19:30)
May to August

Summer season

Mon-Sun 09.00-22.00

(entrance until 20.30)


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