Timetable and registration

Please note:

To take part in group training sessions you need to register in advance.

Registration (and cancellation) ends one hour before a session starts.

Morning sessions go ahead if at least 2 people have registered one hour before the training. Evening sessions from 16:30 are always happening.

Kalev Spa reserves the right to amend the timetable for its training sessions.

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Sessions go ahead if at least 2 people have registered for them one hour before they are due to start.

Rules of registering for group training sessions

  • Loyal customers of Kalev Spa can register for group training sessions via its booking system.
  • You can register as a loyal customer on the website or at the front desk of the Kalev Spa water park.
    •  - To register via the website, click on ‘Log in’ and then ‘Create user account’. Fill in the required fields and set up a password. You will then be registered as a loyal customer of Kalev Spa and can start using the booking system. When creating your account, be sure to use your valid e-mail address – otherwise you will not be able to make bookings.
    •  - When registering as a loyal customer at the front desk of the Kalev Spa water park, present your ID card and give your valid e-mail address and phone number. When using the booking system for the first time, click on ‘Log in’, enter your e-mail address (the same one you registered as a loyal customer with) and then click on ‘Forgot your password?’ and ‘Obtain new password’. You will then be e-mailed a new password, which you can use thereafter when making bookings.
  • If you have any technical problems, e-mail spordiklubi@kalevspa.ee.
  • You can have up to five active bookings at any one time, and these can be made for up to one week ahead (i.e. for the current week and the following week).
  • You can register for max. one training sessions on the same day, but if there are free places you can also attend other sessions.
  • You are admitted to training sessions on the basis of a ticket, which you can get from the front desk or from the self-service point. You should hand the ticket over to the trainer at the start of the session.
  • Any bookings for which tickets have not been issued five minutes before a session is due to start are automatically cancelled by the booking system. Tickets for places that have been freed up can then be issued in the five minutes remaining before the session starts. Once the official starting time of a session has passed, the booking system no longer allows tickets to be issued – meaning latecomers cannot be admitted.
  • Online registration for places in a group training session ends one hour before the session is due to start. Sessions go ahead if at least two people have registered for them one hour before they are due to start.
  • If you are unable to take part in a session you have a booking for, please cancel it in the booking system at least one hour before it is due to start. Bookings cannot be cancelled over the phone.
  • If you repeatedly miss group training sessions and do not cancel your bookings, Kalev Spa may restrict your registration rights.

Please note: to access swimming classes and Suppama training, do as follows.
After registering at the self-service point for a timed service at the sports club, speak to the water park administrator to have an access pass issued to you for the 50-metre pool.

Put some pep in your step and make it your brand new tradition by working out at the Kalev Spa sports club!