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Guinot classic facials

Visiting a beautician is a special time for every woman. It is time just for you, with no problems to deal with, no questions to answer and no errands to run. Simply lie down and enjoy the relaxation and attention, which result in more beautiful skin, a more glowing complexion and a more youthful appearance.

Guinot classic facials 

Visiting a beautician is a special time for every woman. It is time just for you, with no problems to deal with, no questions to answer and no errands to run. Simply lie down and enjoy the relaxation and attention, which result in more beautiful skin, a more glowing complexion and a more youthful appearance.

30 min

Hydraclean is Guinot’s deep-cleansing treatment for the skin on your face. It provides both thorough cleansing and a more glowing complexion. Thanks to its effective components (salicylic acid, lipacid, allantoin and the patented Thermoclean® electrode) your skin becomes more beautiful and more brilliant in just 30 minutes. The pleasant warmth of Thermoclean® promotes the expulsion of excess fat and residue from the skin. Two versions of the treatment are available: as either a relaxing massage or a cleansing mask.

Refreshing facial 
30 min

A refreshing facial is suited to men and women of all ages. This quick and effective treatment thoroughly exfoliates your face, which is then pampered with a mask chosen specifically for your skin type. The mask balances and restores the needs of your skin. The treatment ends with the application of special creams to your face and to the area around your eyes. The result is skin which is full of freshness and vitality!

Sensitive skin facial 
45 min

Products chosen especially with delicate and sensitive skin in mind help to soothe easily irritated skin and boost its defensive capabilities. In the course of the treatment, dead skin cells are removed with a gentle exfoliating cream, after which you enjoy a massage. The mask which is applied to your face will instantly relieve irritation to sensitive skin and ensure long-lasting comfort. Your skin will remain protected throughout the day by a skin serum and cream.

Guinot facials

Age Summum facial 
60 min
80 €

The luxurious Guinot anti-aging facial Age Summum comprises an exclusive Kobido-technique massage and powerful components: pure vitamin C, pro-collagen and a complex of 56 active agents that targets all signs of aging.
Even after the first treatment your skin will be visibly smoother, brighter and tauter. You will see the positive effect the treatment has on wrinkles, stretched skin, a dull complexion and pigmentation. Your skin tone will improve and your face will look younger. Your best option is to book yourself a course of three treatments, since results show that wrinkle depth is reduced by up to 39.7% while the skin becomes up to 48.7% tauter!

Hydra Peel PH regenerating & correcting facial 
45 min

This is a skin-friendly alternative to the chemical peel offered in the field of aesthetic medicine. The Hydra Peel PH facial smooths wrinkles, reduces signs of aging and pigmentation and balances your skin tone. You will achieve noticeable results with just one treatment thanks to the phytic acid that stimulates the skin’s regeneration.
After exfoliating your skin the beautician will pamper it with a relaxing face massage. The serum used for the massage contains an agent that stimulates the skin cell metabolism: a dermostimulant. The treatment ends with a cooling face mask that moisturises and softens the skin, leaving it fresh and glowing.

Hydra Peel Hydrabrasion regenerating & correcting facial 
45 min

This is a skin-friendly alternative to the chemical peel used in the field of aesthetic medicine. The treatment utilises a combination of mechanical and enzyme-based exfoliation for the best results. Thanks to this, the procedure is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.
Thorough exfoliation is followed by stages designed to regenerate the skin: a relaxing massage and cooling mask. The mask introduced at the end of the treatment is enriched with poria cocosa extract, which boasts a range of unique qualities, among them a soothing and smoothing effect on the skin.

Lift Summum tautening facial 
50 min

In this treatment the skin on your face, neck and chest receives close attention and a freshness boost. A massage has been developed especially for Lift Summum which has the effect of ‘lifting’ the skin, moulding the contours of your face and tautening the skin. Thanks to the vitamin C serum used, the surface of the skin is smoother and wrinkles are visibly reduced.
At the end of the treatment two separate masks with hyaluronic acid are applied to the skin: one to the face and the other to the chest. The masks moisturise the skin and restore its beautiful glow. The result is taut, fresh, brilliant skin on your face, neck and chest – even after just one treatment!

Rejuvenating Guinot facials using the Hydraderm device

Discover an innovative Guinot facial that is a truly effective and skin-friendly alternative to aesthetic medicine! The secret of beautiful skin lies in its moisture balance, tone and texture. Time and the environment around us inevitably leave their mark on our skin, making it thinner, drier and more wrinkled. We may not be able to fight time and its effects, but we can slow down the emergence of signs of aging. Guinot’s rejuvenating facials using the Hydraderm device will help keep your skin looking young and beautiful. Choose the facial that best suits you or consult one of our specialists.

Hydraderm Youth facial 
60 min

This treatment is suitable for all ages and skin types. After analysing your skin the beautician selects serums and products and then starts the procedure. The key factor in the treatment is dynamic ionisation, which gives the cells new energy and has the effect of boosting their metabolism. Restorative processes taking place at the cellular level regenerate and moisturise the skin. The treatment ends with a thermoelectrode massage that enriches the tissues with oxygen and expels residue. Your skin will gain more of a glow even after one session!

Hydraderm Age Logic 
60 min

What makes this luxurious and very effective rejuvenating treatment stand out is the fact that it uses the special ATF serum gel. This overturns the ‘aging logic’ of the skin. In addition to your face, the treatment turns its attention to the area around your eyes and to your neck and chest. It comprises a relaxing massage, an effective mask and moisturising that restores the youth and shine of your skin.

Hydra Lift facial 
60 min

To date, tautening facials have only worked on the structure of the skin, restoring the epidermal network and tightening the dermis. However, Hydra Lift represents a true revolution in youth and fitness for the face muscles, as it stimulates them with a mild current that leaves them with a beautiful tone. This in turn lifts the contours of the face, as a result of which both the face and the skin are tauter and look younger and fresher. Hydra Lift will give your face a glowing complexion and younger-looking lines!

Hydraderm + Hydra Lift 
90 min

If you enjoy luxurious treatments, this is the one for you! Two of Guinot’s most popular treatments have been combined to pamper the skin on your face, around your eyes and on your neck, chest and hands. The treatment is so effective that the appearance of your skin will improve, looking clearer and feeling silky-smooth – even after just one session! The contours of your face will be lifted, the skin around your eyes and on your neck will be tauter and your overall look will be much fresher.
This treatment is ideally suited for special occasions (weddings, birthdays and the like) when you need to look as good as you can as quickly as possible.
Hydraderm treatments are not recommended for those with pacemakers, metal prostheses in the skull or shoulders or epilepsy or for expectant mothers.

Eye Logic special treatment 
40 min

The area around your eyes is gentle and requires special care. The Guinot Eye Logic treatment for this delicate area utilises the Hydraderm device, a patented mask and the soft hands of the beautician. The treatment was created especially for the eyes so as to fight off signs of aging and tiredness. Dark circles and swelling are reduced and wrinkles become flatter. The end result is the area around your eyes looking younger and fresher!

Sothys facials

Secrets de Sothys 360° rejuvenating facial
90 min

An hour-and-a-half of the utmost luxury dedicated entirely to your face and your mood! This treatment tautens, regenerates, soothes, enlivens and plumps up your face. It involves eight stages, including thorough make-up removal, ultra-effective AHA-PHA exfoliation, the Digi-Esthétique® massage and Liftoplastie™ modelling method, a highly effective bio-cellulose mask and a relaxing hand massage. A cooling massage with porcelain spoons gives your skin a bright, youthful and healthy tone. The finishing touch to the treatment is the application of luxurious Sothys La Creme 128.

Intensive rejuvenating βP3 Tri Complex™ facial 
75 min

The complex of saffron crocus, sophora and peptides used in this procedure will meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients. This targeted treatment fights against wrinkles, saggy skin and other signs of aging. The procedure involves five main stages and eight special formulas. Outstanding results can be seen after just one treatment. We recommend taking the treatment at least three times in a row, once a week. After three sessions you will look at least six years younger! A series of treatments will have a rejuvenating effect that lasts for around a month.

Spa™ thermal water soothing facial for sensitive skin 
50 min

Sothys has rediscovered the healing properties of springs and created the Spa™ thermal water* professional facial for sensitive skin, which is designed for men and women alike. The treatment utilises extremely gentle textures and takes all skin sensitivities into consideration. This truly soothing treatment includes two masks. The first is a cleansing and softening mask, while towards the end of the session a soothing mask is applied at the same time as you enjoy a cooling massage with porcelain spoons. In just 50 minutes even the most sensitive skin will attain a balanced complexion and feel great!

*Marie-Henriette natural treatment with porcelain spoons 
55 min

This treatment, for both men and women, reduces dark circles, swelling and wrinkles around your eyes. It is suitable for those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses. Specialised products are used which were created to tone and refresh the skin around the eyes. The porcelain massage spoons developed by Sothys give a cooling effect that reduces swelling.
For those wanting bright, shining eyes, we recommend this treatment before or after a big event or to improve a tired appearance. It can be combined with other Sothys facials.

Germain de Cappucini

Timexpert Rides rejuvenating special treatment 
75 min

Inspired by micro-injections, this treatment is an alternative to plastic surgery or, if needed, can complement it. The unique MicroDermoxine complex neutralises micro-tension in the skin while micro-fragments of collagen fill wrinkles in a natural way. The treatment has a truly rejuvenating effect on the entire face, but especially where mimic wrinkles are concerned. The procedure begins with the preparation and exfoliation of the skin on your face. An anti-wrinkle serum is then applied. This is followed by a massage and a unique plaster mask for the face and neck. The treatment is suitable for all skin types as soon as the first mimic wrinkles appear.

Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) facial with revitalising vitamin C 
XX min

Vitamin C is an amazing weapon in the war against premature aging! This beauty treatment will leave your skin glowing, stronger, better moisturised and looking years younger. It involves two main anti-aging agents: vitamin C and Japanese plum. Vitamin C increases the synthesis of collagen, protects cell DNA, regulates skin tone and prevents the oxidation of lipids. Japanese plum or ume extract has the ability to prevent collagen and elastin fibres from degrading.
The procedure includes a rich vitamin C serum, a massage and an amazing fabric mask impregnated with vitamin C. This extraordinary experience will restore your skin’s elasticity and give you a glowing complexion.


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