Water park is open Monday-Friday 6.45-21.00, Saturday & Sunday 8.00-21.00

Entrance until 21.00.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit, please review the new terms and conditions.

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House Rules of the Water Park

In order to ensure a pleasant and safe time, take note of the following:

  • The Kalev Spa Water Park and Fitness Centre (hereinafter referred to as Kalev Spa) encourages healthy lifestyles and therefore does not allow smoking (including e-cigarettes), being under the influence of drugs or consuming hard liquor on its premises. You are not allowed to consume food and drinks brought from outside of the water park. The service staff has the right to confiscate food and alcohol customers have brought from outside.
  • Visitors to Kalev Spa should be sober. In visiting Kalev Spa in such a state, you accept all of the risks associated with the use of its facilities and equipment.The service staff has the right to deny selling a ticket to an intoxicated person.
  • Kalev Spa is not responsible for injuries or other damage to health incurred by visitors and is not liable for any subsequent compensation.
  • To ensure the safety of its visitors, Kalev Spa is equipped in places with security cameras.
  • Do not leave personal items, wristbands or valuables unattended. Kalev Spa is not responsible for personal and valuable items left in changing rooms/lockers or swimming costumes damaged at the water park.
  • We recommend that valuables, documents, money and other such items be deposited in a locker. Use of lockers can be paid for at the front desk.
  • Forgotten and lost items that have been found should be given to the staff. The items are held for two months after which they are donated to charity.
  • Please observe the signs and notices posted in Kalev Spa. If you have any questions or problems, ask a member of staff.
  • In the Kalev Spa pool area, please wear suitable swimwear and footwear as it is forbidden to be in the water park wearing outdoor clothing and footwear.
  • If you wish, you can rent a towel and swimwear from the receptionist of the water park and fitness centre as per the current price list. Use them responsibly and return the items to the receptionist when you leave.
  • Take other visitors into consideration and be mindful of the children around you.
  • Do not run or walk at pace in the changing rooms, water park, Sauna Oasis or other parts of Kalev Spa where there are wet floors. Doing so is dangerous to both you and other visitors. 
  • Running/rushing on the wet floor is forbidden.
  • Conducting personal trainings in Kalev Spa is allowed only by authorised and qualified trainers and with the agreement of Kalev Spa staff.
  • We would ask visitors with disabilities to come to the Kalev Spa water park accompanied by a helper/carer. The accompanying person is not required to have a ticket. A dedicated lift is available for your convenience and ease of movement. Where possible, you are welcome to use the separate changing room provided to change your clothes. For help or information, speak to one of our staff members. Additional information is available by calling +372 649 3370.
  • Kalev Spa staff have the right to temporarily or permanently terminate the validity of a ticket without compensation in the event of non-compliance with rules and instructions.
  • Please be polite and do not take photographs or videos with other customers in the background.

Buying tickets and paying for services

  • Upon entering Kalev Spa you must purchase a ticket, which is issued along with a wristband. Wearing the wristband will allow you to pass through the turnstile going into the water park and coming out again. Please return single-visit wristbands to the water park’s front desk as you leave.
  • Keep your wristband visible at all times during your visit to Kalev Spa. Please inform staff immediately if you lose your wristband. You must compensate the value of a lost or damaged wristband in accordance with the price list (8€).
  • In purchasing a ticket, you vouch that your health and abilities are sufficient for you to use the sports club equipment and the water park’s pools and attractions and that you undertake to follow all safety guidelines when using them.
  • Discounted tickets are available to holders of Estonian student cards, ISIC & ITIC cards and Estonian pension certificates. The discounted tickets can be purchased upon presentation of the relevant document.
  • A family ticket grants admission to the Kalev Spa water park to two (2) adults and three (3) children up to and including the age of 16.
  • The Kalev Spa loyal customer card is ID card-based and provides a 10% discount on full-priced products and services. To obtain discounts, you must have your ID card registered as a loyal customer card at the front desk.
  • Tickets, purchased items and change should be checked immediately at the front desk. Later complaints will not be taken into consideration.
  • Children up to and including the age of 11 will only be allowed into the water park with an accompanying ticket-holding adult.
  • Water park staff have the right to request ID in order to confirm a visitor’s age.
  • The skills, health and supervision of children are the responsibility of the adults accompanying them.

Time of visits

  • The duration of your visit is measured from the moment you purchase your ticket. Your visit ends when you pass through the exit gate.
  • For extra time spent on the premises, each minute is charged at €0.20.
  • You can purchase additional products and services from the water park (including the Sauna Oasis and cafe services) using your wrist band. The customer will pay the bill at the reception when leaving.

Changing rooms and showers

  • Please remove your shoes when entering the changing rooms or swap them for flip-flops or similar in the place indicated. Take your shoes with you and put them in your locker. When leaving, put your shoes on again in the place indicated before exiting the changing rooms.
  • Choose an available (open) locker, get changed and close the locker door. Place your wristband against the flashing display. The locker has been successfully locked when the blue light on the display stops flashing. Double check that the door is securely closed.
  • The locker can be opened and closed repeatedly. Each time you close your locker, make sure the door has closed and locked properly. If not, or if it is damaged in any way, let a member of staff know immediately.
  • Make sure you take your wristband with you into the water park or sports club.
  • Shower thoroughly without your swimming costume on before entering the water park and remove any cosmetics.
  • Shaving, trimming nails and dyeing hair are forbidden anywhere in Kalev Spa.
  • When coming out of the water park and/or having showered, make sure you dry yourself properly before entering the changing rooms.
  • There are dryers in the changing rooms for drying swimming costumes. Only use the dryer if you are sure that the quality and fabric of your swimming costume will withstand tumble-drying.
  • Female cleaners may pass through or carry out duties in the men’s showers and changing room. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.
  • Only children up to and including the age of 7 are allowed in the changing rooms and showers of the opposite sex, accompanied by their parent. As an exception, children who require special care may change in the pool changing room on Level 0. Please inform staff if you need to make use of this facility.

Water park

  • Not showering before entering the water park is strictly forbidden. It is recommended that you also shower after swimming.
  • After leaving the sauna, take a shower before entering a pool or jacuzzi.
  • Swimming costumes are mandatory for all swimmers, including small children.
  • Please dress in traditional swimming suits and shorts in addition to wearing flip flops in the water park. Swimwear with rivets, pins, zippers and buttons are not allowed. The service staff has the right to ask a customer wearing the aforementioned swimwear to leave the pool area.
  • To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we would ask that children under the age of 3 wear swimming nappies. These can be purchased from the front desk, if necessary.
  • Long hair should be tied back or up. We recommend using a swimming cap in the pool.
  • Use of shampoo and soap in jacuzzis is strictly forbidden.
  • Eating and drinking in Kalev Spa’s pools is forbidden.
  • Return all items that you have hired when departing – do not leave them in the changing room.
  • Wet floors are slippery and running on them is dangerous. Move around in the changing rooms, showers and water park at a measured pace to avoid falling over and injuring yourself.
  • Choose a swimming area or attraction that matches your skills and level of health. Take other visitors into consideration and be mindful of the children around you.
  • If you feel unwell, take a break and ask a lifeguard for assistance.
  • Observe the lane markings in the big pool. Do not swim in lanes reserved for training or group lessons. Keep to the right when swimming in lanes. Be considerate of other visitors swimming in the same lane.
  • Do not change lanes by pushing yourself over the lane markers – swim under them. Sitting or standing on the lane markers is forbidden.
  • Swimming is an individual activity – do not push, pull or hang on to other swimmers.
  • Swimming aids can be obtained, if needed, from lifeguards. In using pool equipment and supplies, treat them properly and put them back in the correct place after you use them.
  • Diving and jumping are only allowed in the big pool at the allocated times and in the presence of an instructor. Diving headfirst is allowed from the starting blocks, while jumping in (feet-first) is permitted in the bathing lanes.
  • Jumping from the 5 m, 7.5 m and 10 m diving platforms is not permitted.
  • Jumping in is forbidden in the warm-up, upstream, children’s, toddlers’ and relaxation pools and in all jacuzzis.
  • Acrobatic jumps are forbidden from both the starting blocks and the diving platforms.
  • Bubble baths and saunas are not intended for intimate activities.
  • If you are not confident in your swimming abilities, stay in the shallow end of the pool.


  • When using the waterslides, read and follow the instructions.
  • Kalev Spa assumes no liability for your use of the waterslides. Kalev Spa shall not be held responsible for any injuries or material loss due to a visitor ignoring the instructions or the traffic light system.
  • Only one user may enter the tube slide at a time, seated in the tube in the position indicated in the instructions posted next to the slide.
  • The black waterslide is enclosed and features special sound effects. Bear in mind your level of health and physical capabilities. It is not recommended for visitors with epilepsy.
  • Use of the waterslides is not recommended for children below the age of 10, pregnant women and those in a state of weak health.
  • Enter the waterslide feet-first, on your back, and keep your arms folded across your chest.
  • Remove glasses, jewellery and any other items that could conceivably cause injury.
  • Do not enter the waterslide head-first, on your knees or in groups.
  • It is forbidden to give the tube an extra boost before starting the ride.
  • Leave the run-out chute at the bottom of the slide as soon as you come to a stop.
  • Please bear in mind that use of the water park’s attractions may damage your swimming costume. Kalev Spa is not responsible for damage to swimming costumes.


  • Shower before using the saunas.
  • Please do not wear your swimming costume in the saunas in the changing rooms, so as to avoid the odour of chlorine.
  • Take your health into account when in the sauna.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Use warm water to throw onto the stones in the sauna. Do not throw too much water onto the stones, and wait until the stones are dry before adding more. Check with the other people in the sauna that they are happy for you to throw more water on the stones before you do so.
  • After leaving the sauna, take a shower before entering a pool or jacuzzi.
  • You are not permitted to use your own whisks, honey, scrubs or other creams and scented products in the saunas.
  • Please use a towel to sit in the saunas (except in the steam sauna).
  • The Sauna Oasis (18+) area in the water park is accessible for a separate fee. It is also possible to pay for this service at the pool bar located in the water park.