Pet accommodation

Pet accommodation package

When planning your holiday, the question of where to leave your bigger and smaller furry friends often comes up, especially if you’re planning to be away from home for some time.

Kalev Spa happily welcomes all well-behaving four-legged friends, from small rodents to cats and dogs. We will try to house visitors traveling with pets in spacious rooms so that your pet can also feel comfortable during your vacation stay.

When you arrive with your cat or dog at Kalev Spa, the little guests will get a delicious treat from Pet City pet store.

In addition, the pets will have a water bowl waiting for them in the hotel room (please leave the water bowl in the room when checking out).

The welfare of pets is important to us while you are staying at Kalev Spa:

  • Bring a bed for your four-legged friend and a water bowl if necessary.
  • If the pet has its own toys with it, it will have an easier time getting used to the new environment.
  • Get to know the area around the hotel with your pet. Kanti park next to Kalev Spa offers a great opportunity to walk with your pet right by Tallinn’s Old Town.
  • Do not leave your four-legged friend alone in the hotel room for a long time.
  • Put a “Pet In Room” sign on the outside of your hotel room.

Let us know about the pet when booking the hotel room so we can find you the most suitable room.

Booking a room for you and your pet can easily be done by calling the hotel directly at +372 649 3300 or writing to us at

Additional charge for the pet is 30€ for the whole stay.

Please note: Housing guide dogs, assistance dogs and working dogs is free.

Please familiarize yourself with the pet guidelines before arriving at the Kalev Spa hotel.

Find the nearest Pet City pet stores located near the Kalev Spa hotel.


Kalev Spa welcomes you and your four-legged friend!