Personal training

More and more people are choosing to work out under a personal trainer in addition to or in place of attending group training sessions.

There are lots of ways a personal trainer can help you. First and foremost, personal training is the best way of reaching the goals you set yourself, whether you’re intent on losing weight, gaining muscle mass, recovering from injuries or training for a specific sport. A personal trainer will help you find the quickest and healthiest way of achieving and maintaining results.

In addition, a personal trainer monitors your progress to ensure you’re not doing yourself more harm than good. Their role is to provide ongoing motivation and support and to inspire you to lead an active, healthy life generally.

The true professionals at Kalev Spa’s sports club love exercising and working out and want others to enjoy lifestyles that are just as active.

Our personal trainers:

Peeter Karask | | +372 51 51 429

Heti-Helen Rohtla | | +372 50 60 666

Tarmo Rattassep | | +372 56 450 520

Rasmus Juhanson  | | +372 53 465 702

Jana Kesvatera  / +372 56734568

Cevin Anders Siim- / +372 58071822 - personal swimming lessons

Andres Olvik | / +372 53 404 005  - personal swimming lessons

To agree on a time for and the conditions of your personal training, contact our trainers directly.

Each session lasts for 60 minutes and starts from €30.

Clients wishing to come to the sports club for personal training who are not regulars will also need to purchase a one-off pass.



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