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More and more people are choosing to work out under a personal trainer in addition to or in place of attending group training sessions.

There are lots of ways a personal trainer can help you. First and foremost, personal training is the best way of reaching the goals you set yourself, whether you’re intent on losing weight, gaining muscle mass, recovering from injuries or training for a specific sport. A personal trainer will help you find the quickest and healthiest way of achieving and maintaining results.

In addition, a personal trainer monitors your progress to ensure you’re not doing yourself more harm than good. Their role is to provide ongoing motivation and support and to inspire you to lead an active, healthy life generally.

The true professionals at Kalev Spa’s sports club love exercising and working out and want others to enjoy lifestyles that are just as active.

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To agree on a time for and the conditions of your personal training, contact our trainers directly or fill out the form below. Each session lasts for 60 minutes and starts from €35. Clients wishing to come to the Kalev Spa sports club for personal training who are not regulars will also need to purchase a one-off pass.

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Our personal trainers:



Tarmo’s motto: “Whatever obstacles life throws at you, keep your head held high and stay true to yourself!”. He considers it important that his clients feels good in their own skin and walk away from every training session feeling positively charged.

Tarmo’s first encounter with a gym was at the age of 16, and he quickly realised that he had found the physical and athletic outlet he had been looking for. He became a licensed BodyPump instructor in 2016. He took part in an IPT Estonia personal trainer course in 2018, completed it successfully and has also been working as a personal trainer since the start of 2019.

As a trainer, Tarmo is very client-focussed. He aims to boost people’s overall physical endurance and help them make their lives more active and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Tarmo’s biggest hobby throughout his life has been cooking. He is a qualified chef and has worked in the restaurant of one of Estonia’s most prestigious restaurants. He enjoys spending his free time with friends and family and discovering different parts of the country.

Tarmo is a gym supervisor and personal trainer.

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Heti’s motto: “Smile and the world smiles with you!” In the sessions she leads she makes sure her clients are doing everything the right way.

Heti’s been working as a trainer since 1998. She graduated from Tallinn University with a degree in psychology while also studying gymnastics at the School of Natural Sciences and Health. In the end this long-term hobby became her bread and butter, since she now works as an EKR 5 qualified trainer, an FAF (Fitness Academy of Finland) personal trainer and an internationally licensed Les Mills BodyPump®, BodyBalance® and Gymstick trainer. She also holds a diploma as a SuppamaHIIT trainer.

Heti’s always smiling and positive when working with others, but at the same time she’s not afraid to tell others what to do, since to her it’s very important that people do exercises properly.

In her free time Heti studies Spanish and loves travelling to exotic destinations. Having a positive attitude is the basis of everything in Heti’s view, since she feels that people often make life harder for themselves simply by overthinking things.

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Peeter’s motto: “Train consistently, believe in yourself, take on new challenges and think positively and you’ll soon become the sculptor of your own body!”

Peeter is the mainstay of our club. He’s been working here since it first opened in 2006. He has seemingly boundless energy, and he’s not afraid to share it with others!

Peeter leads various group training sessions as well as advising clients in the gym and is one of our most in-demand personal trainers. He’s a licensed gym trainer and an internationally licensed Les Mills BodyPump® and FAF Indoor Cycling trainer.

Peeter graduated from the University of Tartu with a degree in journalism and is currently part-way through his studies at the School of Natural Sciences and Health at Tallinn University. He has also studied at FAF (the Fitness Academy of Finland) as a personal trainer.

In his free time Peeter loves to travel, and one of his biggest passions is photography. He also takes part in as many running and skiing marathons as he can. On top of everything else, Peeter won the title of Estonian Bodybuilding Champion in 1999.

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Stefan says we all have hidden strength inside us – we just have to find and tap into it. As a trainer he enjoys seeing people develop and grow stronger and more resilient both mentally and physically.

Stefan has been practising sport ever since he was a child. He was a professional football player for many years. His background in sports has taught him both discipline and endurance.

After his career in football he began focusing on fitness and bodybuilding, and in the nine years since then, he has attained the qualification of Bodybuilding and Fitness Instructor, Level 3/4. Stefan gained practical and professional experience training under six-time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates in Spain, where he himself worked as a private trainer to international clientèle.

He likes to improve and educate himself not just in sport, but in a wide range of fields: he is also interested in languages, psychology and philosophy. ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’, as he calls it.

Stefan is available for and can consult on personal training.

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Jana specialises in personal training, focussing in her sessions on overall physical strength and endurance. As a trainer she’s easy-going and unflappable, but doesn’t hesitate to turn up the heat when needed.

Jana has been playing league football for nine years, most recently in the Estonian premier league. She harboured an interest in working in sports from a young age, and it was during the two years she spent living in Australia that this idea became reality: in Melbourne and Perth she studied to become a group and personal trainer and now holds Level III & IV trainer certificates from the Australian Fitness Academy. She has also been certified as a CrossFit Inc Level 1 trainer in Finland and leads CrossFit classes.

Jana supports her clients on their journey towards becoming better people by helping them make more informed choices in their everyday lives regarding exercise, nutrition and recovery. She enjoys watching them grow in confidence with every session as they do things they thought they’d never be capable of. In her free time she likes reading, travelling and visiting new places.

Jana’s motto is “Energy is a choice”: if you really want to, you’ll always find the time and energy you need to do things.

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Rasmus says: “It’s all about your mindset – you just have to believe in the goals you set yourself and start working towards them.” Rasmus specialises in bodyweight training and is happy to put together programmes for people to work out to at home.

Rasmus has been involved in sports ever since he was a boy. He got into swim training while in primary school, continuing with it for eight years. At the age of 16 his interest shifted to strength training and he started working out on his own. Although it produced results, they were too slow in coming for the athletic teenager, who felt he should build up his knowledge of the sport. This led him to sign up for a gym instructors’ course run by the Estonian Olympic Committee. He’s now been involved in gym training for four years and has earned an EstQF3 licence as a gym instructor and personal trainer.

Based on his own experience, Rasmus always recommends that beginners consult a personal trainer before launching into a workout routine. He’s happy to help anyone who wants to feel good about their body and exercise in a way that will produce the results they’re hoping for. Upbeat and approachable, he gives 100% every time and does everything he can to help people. In his free time he plays the drums, but more than anything he loves working out.

He is guided by his motto in leading personal training sessions at our sports club.

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CEVIN@ELVAG.EDU.EE / 5807 1822

As a trainer, Cevin works everyone hard but also makes sure they have fun. Cevin’s motto: “Life is like riding a bike – to keep your balance you have to keep moving forward!”

Cevin has been involved in sports for as long as he can remember. His earliest experience of training was at the age of 17, when he helped his mother out as an assistant trainer. From that moment he knew that being a trainer was for him.

He is a graduate of Audentes Sports Gymnasium and, alongside his work as a trainer, he is studying at the School of Natural Sciences and Health of Tallinn University. Cevin has represented Estonia in swimming at a number of meets, with his biggest achievements being the titles he has won at Estonian and Northern European championships.

He places a lot of value on his work as a trainer since no two classes are ever the same and his sessions are always enjoyable, making each day brighter.

In addition to all of this, Cevin enjoys drawing – particularly portraits. He is also interested in cooking and can often be found baking at home in his free time.

Cevin leads swimming classes for adults.

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Andres’ motto: “Everyone learns to swim with me – whether diving in or jumping in – but always using the classic technique.”

Andres has been involved in swimming for more than 20 years. He is a Level 5 certified trainer and has also completed courses as a gym supervisor.

Andres is very popular as a swimming instructor. He has taught people of all ages (from babies to veterans) and all abilities (beginners through to professional athletes). He has been leading swimming classes and training sessions for adults at Kalev Spa since 2014.

Andres values his work as a trainer as it enables him to pass on his practical experience and do something he loves. In his free time Andres enjoys reading and exploring the great outdoors.

Andres leads swimming classes.

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