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Body treatments

Body treatments

Cinq Mondes body rituals

Cinq Mondes massages and body treatments are based on a real “acupuncture without needles” for a targeted action (relaxation, slimming, tonicity,...). Using specific pressure made with the fingertips during massages, the Spa Therapists stimulate the ley points of the body’s vital energy combining relaxation and effectiveness.

Enveloping Balinese massage 
80 min / 50 min
90 € / 69 €

Dive into a universe of tranquility thanks to this ancestral Balinese massage using the “Tropical Nuts Melting Body Balm”. With this sensory escape you will experience traditional stretching and gentle Thai smoothing movements.

This Relaxing Balinese Massage is a blending of gentle Thai stretches and deep Balinese smoothing which help to loosen the articulations and stimulate the energetic key points in order to provide a deep relaxation of the body and mind.

This massage is given using the Tropical Nuts Melting Balm containing Coconut, Tamanu and Kemiri with nourishing and regenerating virtues restoring radiance and softness to your skin. The soft and spicy notes of Bergamot, Galec wood and Ceder take you away to the distant lands of the Kingdom of Siam.

Comprising slow gestures and stretching, the Balinese Massage restores the body’s suppleness. The movements are performed with a hot towel under the nape so as to liberate the tension from the top of the back.

The combination of suitable gestures and products with natural ingredients in this treatment provide a global sensation of well-being thanks to its effects that help to relax. All the body’s muscles are gently stretched. The skin is visibly more beautiful and deeply hydrated.

Relaxing North African massage ritual 
50 min
69 €

This massage, inspired by oriental tradition, works the whole body with heated and delicately perfumed.argan oil. The expert hands of your practitioner envelope you in slow, deep movements to give you a feeling of pure well-being.

This Traditional Oriental Relaxing Massage is inspired by the traditions of a real culture of purifying the body and of beauty. Following the traditional gestures of North Africa, this massage soothes and relaxes with slow and deep smoothing to regenerate the body and mind.

It is performed using the hot Sumptuous Body Oil from the Orient, a mixture of Sesame, Olive and Argan that nourishes, makes skin more beautiful and regenerates the skin. Let your mind wander with the expertise and oriental scents to experience a gentle, quiet and soothing moment in the heart of the Orient.

The Traditional Oriental Relaxing Massage is very soothing and unifying. Furthermore, the application of the Sumptuous Body Oil from Orient during the massage containing argan oil, sesame and olive helps to hydrate and regenerate the skin.

A feeling of harmony invades the body, the Traditional Oriental Massage brings peace, calm and healing. The skin is hydrated and satin smooth thanks to the soothing virtues of the Sumptuous Oil from the Orient.

Soothing French-Polynesia massage ritual 
80 min
90 €

A massage inherited from Polynesia healers and inspired by Lomi-Lomi which uses deep pressure and long continuous movements from the practitioner’s forearms. The delicate Tiaré flower notes accompany you throughout this incredible experience to make you feel you are letting go.

This Soothing Massage Ritual from Polynesia is inspired by healers from the Islands of Polynesia and movements from Lomi Lomi (original massage using the forearms) so as to release muscle tension and restore energy and vitality.

This treatment combines the mixture of the Balm and the Sublime Oil with the Monoi from Tahiti complex and Noni with nourishing virtues with a concentrate of Tiaré and white flowers whose scents transport us to a beautiful white sandy beach in Polynesia.

During this massage, the practitioner uses a hot volcanic stone on the back, sacrum and eyes for deep relaxation of the muscles but also for a draining and detoxifying effect thanks to soft pressure on specific meridian lines.

Tonifying Indian ayurveda massage ritual
50 min
69 €

Enjoy the vanilla and cardamom fragrances of this tonifying hot oil massage inspired by the millenary Indian tradition. The change in pace between energetic and heating strokes relieves tensions and relaxes the muscles.

This Indian Ayurvedic Tonifying Massage inspired by Ayurveda meaning “Knowledge of life and longevity” which teaches how to rebalance the energies from a physical, mental and spiritual aspect to maintain good overall health.

This treatment is a tonic and muscular massage alternating quick and slow movements releasing muscle tension in order to restore energy and vitality. It is performed using the hot Ayurvedic Universal Oil with multiple and varied gestures to boost the metabolism and vital functions of the body while targeting fatigue both physical and mental.

According to Ayurvedic tradition, this massage is performed using hot non greasy oil specially elaborated by CINQ MONDES, the Universal Ayurvedic Oil, a cocktail of plant oils of Neem, Boswellia and Sesame with softening and regenerating properties.

Gestures, alternating slow and rapid, start with a deep massage of the feet and legs, moving slowly up the legs and along the body up to the head. The Ayurvedic Massage helps to alleviate the stress areas and boost the energetic metabolism of the body.

Thanks to its tonifying virtues, the Ayurvedic Massage tonifies the body and soothes stress to restore energy and vitality.

Energizing body scrub with Java island spices
20 min
36 €

Treat yourself to a moment of wellbeing thanks to this ancestral ritual inspired by beauty recipes and treatment from the Island of Java. Let yourself be carried away by the delicate scents of this energiszing spice and sea salt treatment for soft and silky skin.

This Energising Aromatic Scrub with spices is inspired by an ancient ritual from the Island of Java, Boreh, traditionally performed in the Indonesian villages during the rainy season, it is a scrub with spices and herbs that tones sore muscles after a workout and soothes joints.

This treatment is original and relaxing, and contains Five spices with tonifying and exfoliating virtues: Sea salt and Almond powder, concentrate of cinnamon, patchouli, nutmeg, vetiver and clove and vanilla oil, purify the skin gently and boost the body making the skin extremely soft.

This scrub removes dead skin cells and helps skin find its energy thanks to the circular and unifying movements of the practitioner. Also the quick but light friction movements help to “warm up” the muscles and body. This treatment has a double action, it energises the body and magnifies its radiance.

Exfoliating beauty ritual from the Indonesian island of Java, inspired from a deeply ingrained tradition of rejuvenating the body 20′.

*Personal recommendations and tips 10 min.

Polishing “PAPAYA PURÉE” body scrub
20 min
36 €

An exfoliating technique from a Siam Ritual which uses creamy Papaya Puree with fine grains. Delicately exfoliated, your skin appears radiant and smells of a delicious perfume.

This Papaya Puree Radiance Scrub is inspired by Balinese women who use papaya like a gentle natural scrub to reveal their skin’s radiance.

This treatment combines smoothing circular movements and gentle stretching with the virtues of papaya that is rich in fruit acids to cleanse and refine skin texture while magnifying its radiance.

It starts with Papaya Puree with Natural Papaya Extracts, Diatomaceous Earth and Ceder oil which is heated beforehand and applied to the body using suitable gestures and then rinsed to reveal unified and luminous skin.

*Personal recommendations and tips 10 min.

Sublime scrub with Tahitian monoi 
20 min
36 €

Inspired by the Islands of Polynesia and perfectly suitable for the most sensitive skin, this traditional preparation of Monoi with Tiaré macerated flowers, sugar and coconut powder regenerates the skin and awakens the mind.

This Sublime Scrub with Tahitian Monoi is inspired by the pharmacopeia of healers from the Polynesia archipelago.

This treatment combines smoothing using fists, knuckles and undulatory movements (resembling ocean waves) with complex virtues of Tahiti Monoi and Noni to unify and refine skin texture leaving it polished and magnifying the suntan.

*Personal recommendations and advice 10 min.

Body treatments

Massage with Lavender oil  
60 min

Uplifting body massage with a spectacular body oil, containing essential oils of Lavender and Cajeput, also Sunflower oil and Almond oil, has an extraordinary soothing and rebalancing action. Body oil with clear and light tone is perfect for a deep massage, leaving a healing aroma of Lavender after having absorbed. Oily texture acts from the inside thanks to its soothing and relaxing effects. Moisturizes, recovers and softens the skin. Body is left with a mysterious inviting Lavender-aroma that transfers you straight to the land of serenity and peacefulness. Duration 60 minutes.

Classic massage
30 min / 60 min
€30 / €49

Make massage a traditional part of your health and beauty routine! Classic or Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage around the world. This full-body massage will tone and relax in a number of ways: improving both blood and lymph circulation, which in turn helps to accelerate the metabolism; boosting the functioning of the heart and other organs; removing residue from the body; reducing muscle tension; and improving the supply of oxygen to the muscles. Classic massage is your best choice if you are feeling overburdened or stressed or simply want to switch off for a moment from the world around you. Whether you are physically or emotionally tense, this massage is guaranteed to relax your entire body!

Aroma massage
60 min

The restorative effect of aromas and essential oils is widely known. Aroma massage
harmoniously combines massage with the relaxing sensory experience of essential oils. The
masseur will help you choose the most suitable aromatic oil based on whether you want to
alleviate a health issue (muscle tension or pain, sleeplessness, problems related to menopause,
fluctuating blood pressure, stress or cellulite) or simply want to enjoy a relaxing experience and
boost your mood. Unfolding at a gentle pace, the massage also helps you free yourself of
tension and forget your everyday concerns.

Moisturising grapefruit treatment
45 min

Treat yourself to some time alone in the aromatic company and fruits and spices! Grapefruit is
valued in the world of beauty for its high levels of vitamin C, which cleanses and pampers the
body and leaves you radiant. In our treatment we use a body exfoliant with grapefruit extract
that expels toxins, reduces cellulite and removes dead skin cells, resulting in the silkiest of silky-
smooth skin. A sunny burst is provided by a moisturising massage cream whose unique complex
of components fills the body with energy and leaves you feeling great for hours afterwards.

Luxurious mango-honey spa treatment 
90 min

This treatment will pamper you with all the pleasures of heaven and earth! It combines a
moisturising fruit wax body treatment with relaxing Balinese massage. The result of the
treatment is perfectly nourished, gently scented and silky-smooth skin. It begins with full-body
exfoliation using a natural sea salt & flower oil exfoliant redolent of the Indonesian islands,
whose pleasant aroma pampers the senses and leaves your skin feeling as smooth as silk. Your
body is then covered in a fruit mask whose natural ingredients ensure the softness and
elasticity of your skin. Then comes an exclusive Balinese massage using warm aromatic oil. The
massage techniques we use relieve muscle tension, relax the mind and restore the true and
natural harmony of the body.

Desert Sand Massage Treatment
60 min

Free yourself from stress and feel the desert breath through our exotic, deeply relaxing ancient massage for the whole body. The mood is set by the luxurious and mystical fragrance of desert plants, warm bags of desert sand are placed on your feet, and the massage begins... The warm herbal massage oil is light, but with an intensively moisturising and softening effect, the herbal active ingredients together with vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids strengthen the natural protection system of the skin cells against aging. The massage consists of traditional techniques in combination with firm and strong stretches and pressings that improve the elasticity of muscles, mobility of joints and frees you from physical and mental stress.

Kalahari Back Massage
30 min

This massage provides a wonderful opportunity to get rid of stress and fatigue already in half an hour. The back massage helps to strengthen your muscles and improve the circulation. The mood is set by the mystical fragrance of desert plants and velvety massage oil that nourishes and strengthens the skin. Ancient massage techniques release stress from the neck and back, and the inner balance of your body is recovered.

Guinot SLIM LOGIC slimming body treatment
50 min
65 €

Slim Logic is a part of the new slimming treatment concept. Treatment targets on areas of concern and contains activating exfoliation, slimming massage, anti-fluid retention body wrap and application of slimming serum.   Massage process combines effective manual techniques known to mobilise fat, break down fat deposits and eliminates excess fluid in the tissues. After the treatment, you will feel yourself invigorated and restored. It is advised to complete the treatment with slimming homecare products, serum and food supplement, for further results.

Lulur exotic yoghurt body treatment
60 min

A sensuous wellness treatment, it improves circulation, boosts the immune system, removes toxins and excess liquid from the body and, above all else, improves tissue tone. The ritual begins with the cleansing of the skin using a highly effective exfoliating foam combining cardamom, ginger, turmeric and a variety of fruits. Next, you enjoy a unique massage with natural yoghurt, cleansing and energising the body and leaving you feeling fresh and moisturised. The rich active ingredients used in this intoxicating treatment will rejuvenate your skin, leaving it noticeably softer and smoother.

Indian head massage
50 min

A head massage is an integral part of everyday life in India, so much so that it has its own name
– Champi. It forms part of the ancient Ayurveda treatment system, which teaches people to
look after themselves and live fulfilling lives by preventing illness. During the session we
massage your head, neck, face and shoulders to open up important energy channels. If the flow
of energy in your body is blocked, then stress and pain (including tension headaches) start to
spread and problems such as thinning of the hair and baldness arise. A head massage can also
be very beneficial if you have eye or ear problems, need to clear your nose and ear cavities or
are seeking relief from neck and shoulder stiffness. Likewise, it can be useful if you are simply
tense or emotionally exhausted.
Champi is not recommended if you suffer from blood pressure problems, epilepsy, cancer,
arteriosclerosis, infections or circulation problems in your brain. Consult your doctor before
getting a head massage if you suffer from osteoporosis or psoriasis. If a head massage is
medically unsuited to you, we recommend a face massage instead. Please note: You should
consume no alcohol for at least five hours before the massage.