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Body treatments

Body treatments

NEW! Lulur exotic yoghurt body treatment
60 min
€45 (regular price €55)

A sensuous wellness treatment, it improves circulation, boosts the immune system, removes toxins and excess liquid from the body and, above all else, improves tissue tone. The ritual begins with the cleansing of the skin using a highly effective exfoliating foam combining cardamom, ginger, turmeric and a variety of fruits. Next, you enjoy a unique massage with natural yoghurt, cleansing and energising the body and leaving you feeling fresh and moisturised. The rich active ingredients used in this intoxicating treatment will rejuvenate your skin, leaving it noticeably softer and smoother.

Spa Deluxe relaxing chocolate treatment
60 min / 90 min
€55 / €75

This enjoyable chocolate wrap takes care of your silhouette, pampers your body and awakens your senses, offering true wellness.

The treatment is based on a rich exfoliant containing actual cocoa, which works in tandem with the creamy wrap to moisturise and add tone to your skin and shape your body, leaving you looking more slender. The cocoa stimulates the production of endorphins (our ‘happiness molecules’), helping you shake off the stress and anxiety our minds and bodies are forced to experience on a daily basis. In specific concentrations, they are also capable of activating our body’s natural fat-burning processes. The treatment includes a light but invigorating and refreshing massage.

Classic massage
30 min / 60 min
€25 / €42

Make massage a traditional part of your health and beauty routine! Classic or Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage around the world. This full-body massage will tone and relax in a number of ways: improving both blood and lymph circulation, which in turn helps to accelerate the metabolism; boosting the functioning of the heart and other organs; removing residue from the body; reducing muscle tension; and improving the supply of oxygen to the muscles. Classic massage is your best choice if you are feeling overburdened or stressed or simply want to switch off for a moment from the world around you. Whether you are physically or emotionally tense, this massage is guaranteed to relax your entire body!

Aroma massage
60 min

The restorative effect of aromas and essential oils is widely known. Aroma massage
harmoniously combines massage with the relaxing sensory experience of essential oils. The
masseur will help you choose the most suitable aromatic oil based on whether you want to
alleviate a health issue (muscle tension or pain, sleeplessness, problems related to menopause,
fluctuating blood pressure, stress or cellulite) or simply want to enjoy a relaxing experience and
boost your mood. Unfolding at a gentle pace, the massage also helps you free yourself of
tension and forget your everyday concerns.

Chocolate massage
60 min

Nothing says ‘true pleasure’ like a chocolate massage – and not just to chocoholics! This
massage experience, with its tempting aromas, effectively relaxes both mind and body. Stress
hormones are replaced by actual molecules of happiness, leaving your body soft and relaxed. In
addition to the sensory delights it offers, chocolate plays an important role in our appearance,softening, nourishing and moisturising our skin and protecting it from damaging environmental

Indian head massage
45 min

A head massage is an integral part of everyday life in India, so much so that it has its own name
– Champi. It forms part of the ancient Ayurveda treatment system, which teaches people to
look after themselves and live fulfilling lives by preventing illness. During the session we
massage your head, neck, face and shoulders to open up important energy channels. If the flow
of energy in your body is blocked, then stress and pain (including tension headaches) start to
spread and problems such as thinning of the hair and baldness arise. A head massage can also
be very beneficial if you have eye or ear problems, need to clear your nose and ear cavities or
are seeking relief from neck and shoulder stiffness. Likewise, it can be useful if you are simply
tense or emotionally exhausted.
Champi is not recommended if you suffer from blood pressure problems, epilepsy, cancer,
arteriosclerosis, infections or circulation problems in your brain. Consult your doctor before
getting a head massage if you suffer from osteoporosis or psoriasis. If a head massage is
medically unsuited to you, we recommend a face massage instead. Please note: You should
consume no alcohol for at least five hours before the massage.

Warming massage with massage candle
50 min

A warming massage which invigorates both mind and body is a luxury you can enjoy at any
time. The unique Pino massage candles we use contain high-quality natural waxes, protective
beeswax and coconut oil, which relaxes the skin, improves its elasticity and moisturises it. In
warm liquid form, the massage wax with its unique properties can be poured directly onto the
skin. The massage relieves muscle tension, while the light and aromas of the candles create a
harmonious atmosphere promoting relaxation and calming the nervous system.
Orange & lemongrass | Invigoration & freshness – The combination of natural orange and
lemongrass oils produces a delicately sweet but fresh citrus aroma that is truly delightful. The
lemongrass oil invigorates and stimulates the body, driving out fatigue and exhaustion. The
combination of oils will put you in a good mood by boosting and pampering both mind and
Lavender & rosewood | Relaxation & serenity – The pleasant aroma of lavender has a calming
effect on mind and body alike. This combination is perfect for stressed skin.

Lime & bamboo | Energy & vitality – Natural bamboo extract protects the skin. The complex of
aromas contains beneficial active substances that leave the skin smooth and velvety. The
natural lime oil refreshes and tones the skin. The combination of the lime oil and bamboo
extract stimulates mind and body with a sense of exotic freshness. Guaranteed get-up-and-go
on a grey day!

Oriental ceremony
60 min

This relaxing, hamam-style full-body treatment was inspired by ancient beauty rituals of the
East. Bringing together a touch of the exotic and timeless wisdom, it will free you from your
day-to-day routine and give you the chance to focus on one thing: you and you alone, in mind
and body. The ceremony, which has its roots in the Orient, involves full-body exfoliation using a
special enzyme-based gel and a cleansing, hand-made terracotta stone. During the massage we
use pleasantly warm towels to pamper your entire body. The techniques we use offer true
relaxation. Your skin will be moisturised and nourished and your mind will be cleansed! This
treatment is suitable for both men and women.

Moisturising grapefruit treatment
45 min

Treat yourself to some time alone in the aromatic company and fruits and spices! Grapefruit is
valued in the world of beauty for its high levels of vitamin C, which cleanses and pampers the
body and leaves you radiant. In our treatment we use a body exfoliant with grapefruit extract
that expels toxins, reduces cellulite and removes dead skin cells, resulting in the silkiest of silky-
smooth skin. A sunny burst is provided by a moisturising massage cream whose unique complex
of components fills the body with energy and leaves you feeling great for hours afterwards.

Luxurious Bali spa
75 min

This treatment will pamper you with all the pleasures of heaven and earth! It combines a
moisturising fruit wax body treatment with relaxing Balinese massage. The result of the
treatment is perfectly nourished, gently scented and silky-smooth skin. It begins with full-body
exfoliation using a natural sea salt & flower oil exfoliant redolent of the Indonesian islands,
whose pleasant aroma pampers the senses and leaves your skin feeling as smooth as silk. Your
body is then covered in a fruit mask whose natural ingredients ensure the softness and
elasticity of your skin. Then comes an exclusive Balinese massage using warm aromatic oil. The
massage techniques we use relieve muscle tension, relax the mind and restore the true and
natural harmony of the body.

Permanent Contour® body treatment
60 min / 45 min
€55 / €45

Permanent Contour® is a unique treatment where the body is massaged with a device that simultaneously provides deep nourishment to the skin with natural plant extracts. At the start of the treatment, the masseur cleanses your skin. By running a warm, moist towel over your body, the pores of your skin are opened up. This is followed by a massage using warm plant oil. The main part of the massage utilises the Permanent Contour® device, which also has a gently exfoliating effect. What makes the treatment special is its steam bouquet of natural plants: the massage device emits steam through a small pillow containing herbaceous plants like turmeric, ginger, patchouli and camphor, or clay, wine extract or salt. As the steam passes through the plants it attains beneficial substances that are effectively absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin. At the end of the treatment, your body is cleansed once again with warm, moist towels.

The treatment is available for the body or the face. If you select a facial, your face will be cleansed prior to the massage. The treatment is rounded out by moisturising your skin with a special emollient.

Permanent Contour® treatments are ideal simply for relaxation, but also for the treatment of cellulite, to improve your figure, as a prophylactic for and treatment against chronic tiredness, to relieve muscle pain and swelling and for treatment of your joints.

Treatment for expectant mothers
50 min

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful but also one of the most exhausting experiences in a
woman’s life. It is a time when you should take extra-special care of yourself so that you enjoy
the nine months of waiting and maintain your balance for the good of yourself and your baby.
This gentle treatment is designed especially for pregnant women and takes in the whole body.
To begin, we cleanse the body with a gentle exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and restores
the elasticity of the skin. We then wrap the body in a beeswax-based mango mask whose
natural ingredients enrich the skin with nutrients and guarantee long-lasting softness. The
result is smooth, glowing skin. The treatment ends with the application of moisturising shea
butter to the body, providing a layer of protection for your skin, which will be gently scented
and as smooth as silk. That way you can focus on enjoying the wonder that is being an
expectant mother!

Desert Sand Massage Treatment
60 min

Free yourself from stress and feel the desert breath through our exotic, deeply relaxing ancient massage for the whole body. The mood is set by the luxurious and mystical fragrance of desert plants, warm bags of desert sand are placed on your feet, and the massage begins... The warm herbal massage oil is light, but with an intensively moisturising and softening effect, the herbal active ingredients together with vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids strengthen the natural protection system of the skin cells against aging. The massage consists of traditional techniques in combination with firm and strong stretches and pressings that improve the elasticity of muscles, mobility of joints and frees you from physical and mental stress.

Kalahari Back Massage
30 min

This massage provides a wonderful opportunity to get rid of stress and fatigue already in half an hour. The back massage helps to strengthen your muscles and improve the circulation. The mood is set by the mystical fragrance of desert plants and velvety massage oil that nourishes and strengthens the skin. Ancient massage techniques release stress from the neck and back, and the inner balance of your body is recovered.


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