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Children’s treatments

Kids love a bit of spa pampering just as much as their parents, so why not treat them to a relaxing massage or something else from the list below? We recommend our treatments for children aged 5-12.

Children’s treatments

Manicure for kids
30 min
20 €

This relaxing treatment is designed for little kids who want beautiful hands. With their parents’ permission we can polish girls nails for the perfect finish.

Nail polishing
8 €

Polished nails are the secret dream of every little girl, making them look and feel all grown up and ready to have some fun! And when your hands look good, you feel good too.

Children’s haircut (up to 12 years of age)
15 €

Everyone’s hair needs care, and from time to time even a totally new look. A spa haircut is one kids will remember for a long time.

Fringe cut 
8 €

If your fringe is hanging down over your eyes and making it impossible to see, it could probably do with a trim! A fringe cut is quick, convenient and guaranteed to leave you with much more manageable hair.

Massage for children 
30 min
25 €

Kids can see for themselves how relaxing and invigorating a massage can be when their parents come back from having one. It is something they long to experience as well – and it can form an unforgettable part of a holiday.

To make it as memorable as possible, we offer our youngest clients a choice of two massages (all lasting 30 min):

  • Chocolate massage – is there such a thing as too much chocolate?
  • Tutti-Frutti massage – sweet, pleasant and exotic like the Tutti-Frutti candy!