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Beauty services

Beauty services

Eyebrow colouring
8 €
Eyelash colouring
9 €
Eyebrow modelling
9 €
Light make-up (foundation, mascara, lip gloss and blusher)
10 €
Daytime/evening make-up
25-40 €

Hair removal

32 €
Lower legs 
20 €
Bikini area 
18-45 €
12 €
Lip area
6 €
16 €

Teeth bleaching

Pro White
79 €

Pro White is a unique method of bleaching teeth which has left thousands of satisfied customers with a brighter smile. Your teeth will become 8-14 tones whiter!

The bleaching gel, which is activated using blue laser light, quickly and easily makes discoloured teeth brighter. The entire procedure is very simple and completely safe. It takes 30 minutes and can be done in tandem with other procedures. It involves an elastic silicon bleaching tray designed for single use. Hydrogen peroxide is not used in the procedure.


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